Generosity Policy

Northern California Shambhala has adopted a payment policy for the programs it offers. Our policy strives to make these teachings available to as many people as possible while at the same time providing flexibility for differences inherent in each community.

Each of the Northern California Centers thrives and survives due to the financial contributions of our program participants, members and friends. Program fees, donations and members’ dues provide our monthly rent, utilities, practice and study materials, teacher expenses, and food for the programs. The tuition for each program reflects our costs to offer that program.

Please contemplate how much you can offer.

If you can offer the full program tuition, that is what we request. If it is possible for you to offer more than the stated amount, please consider this, as it allows us to make these programs available to those who may not have the means to afford the full program price.

If, after contemplating this policy, you feel the tuition presents an obstacle to your attending the program, we encourage you to please contact the program coordinator and speak confidentially with her/him or e-mail us at

Thank you!