Our Location


734 A Street, Suite 1
San Rafael, CA 94901
Our space is located in the Center For Domestic Peace building. We’re on the top floor in the back left hand corner. Our building is secure and is therefore locked at all times. When visiting, if there’s no one to let you in, please use the black phone in the lobby to the right and dial 611 (our number is listed on the information board there, so no need to remember this) – someone will answer to buzz you in (assuming a program or Open House is happening. We do not keep regular business hours.)
Security – Please note that our space is in a secure building – The Center for Domestic Peace provides services for victims of domestic abuse – and because our space is in a secure building, we need to take the utmost care in ensuring its security. When entering and departing, please make sure that the inner door closes and locks behind you. Do not at any time or under any circumstances prop the door open. DO NOT at any time or under any circumstances let someone in the building who is not part of the program you’re taking or who is not affiliated with Tamalpais Shambhala. While members of Tamalpais Shambhala are ultimately responsible for this security, if you’re participating in a program at Tamalpais Shambhala, we really need and appreciate your help in ensuring the building’s security is maintained at all times.
Parking: There are many options for parking in the area, metered street parking (usually free at night and on Sundays) or in a paid lot.  For weekend programs, especially on Saturdays, we recommend parking on Albert Park Lane, just south of Albert Park accessible via B street. Zoom out on the map below or drag the map upward (to reveal Albert Park Lane toward the bottom of the map) and you can see its close proximity to our location. Parking is allowed there on Saturday and Sunday (4 hour parking on week days). Please double check the parking signs to ensure that they still say “except Saturday and Sunday” as these things do change. Parking at Safeway or in the parking lot behind our building is not permitted.