The Heart of the Matter - A Video Class with Pema Chödrön

with Barbara Hirschfeld

July 26th—November 29th (2017)

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The Heart of the Matter - How to Live with Compassion & Courage

An online video retreat with Pema Chödrön

Please join us to view and discuss together this very special video course, led by Pema Chödrön, filmed in spring 2016 at Gampo Abbey (Pema Chödrön's home) at the time of her 80th Birthday, just before she embarked on a year-long retreat.

As her theme for the course, Pema uses a short Buddhist text especially close to her heart, Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva. This classic text, which could be said to summarize the major themes of Pema’s teachings over the years, presents ways that we can work with our own hearts and minds. Starting wherever you find yourself now, you can unravel your personal preoccupations and discover your innate potential for compassion, love and wisdom. As a special extra in this course, Pema will teach Tonglen, a compassion practice based on the understanding that the very thing that triggers suffering can become the foundation of happiness.

This course includes:  

  • A series of talks by Pema given in the intimate setting of Pema’s home, Gampo Abbey. The series is based on the book, Reflections on Silver River by Ken McLeod.
  • Reading assignments from selections of the book, chosen by Pema
  • Discussion and exercises in class to deepen our understanding of the teachings.
  • An in depth introduction to the profound practice of Tonglen.

Our presentation of this program, led by Barbara Hirschfeld, will span two series. The first series is five classes, the second is eight classes split into two sections. (Note: as of Aug 26 the first series is over.) 

It is advisable that participants have some background in meditation.

The video program will be led by Pema Chödrön. Barbara Hirschfeld - Student of Ani Pema and Shambhala Teacher - will lead the live class discussions and exercises.

Barbara likes to call these teachings “Extreme Lojong” – in other words, it asks a lot of us - however Pema gently and humorously helps us in the training of a Bodhisattva (one who dedicates her/his life to serve the Dharma for the sake of all sentient beings.)

Barbara Hirschfeld is a student of Ani Pema Chödrön and a teacher in the Shambhala tradition. She has been studying the Shambhala teachings for over 16 years, and has worked with the Ken McLeod translation of Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva in three workshops with Ani Pema Chödrön. Nevertheless, she feels very much like a beginner and sees this series of classes as a work in progress, a journey of discovery that we will embark on together.

Two series:

Part 1: July 26 - Aug 23  - This class is over.

Part 2:

a) Sept 6 - Oct 11 (Note: No Class Sept 20th)

b) Nov 8 - to Nov 29  (Note: No Class Nov 22)


Part 2 a and b:  $150.00

Drop-ins accepted, though not recommended

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