Pema Chodron Class on The Five Skandhas (Note: Dates Have Changed)

July 11th—August 15th

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  • $100 Program Price
  • $150 Patron Price
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Update: We have cancelled the second class (July 18th) and added one more class at the end: August 15th. Please update your calendars.

Join us for a 5 week course as we watch videos of Pema Chödrön teaching on the five skandhas and how the ego tricks us into believing we are separate, permanent, and fixed beings.

The skandhas are: form, feeling, perception, formation, and consciousness.

Pema will use the teachings on the skandhas to help us understand how we get “hooked” and reactive in our everyday life. She will provide specific teachings on how we can decrease negative habitual habits and lessen our suffering.

In addition to the video presentation we will begin with a short period of meditation and we will have time for discussion on these important teachings.

Elizabeth Sheppard will facilitate the class, showing the videos, and leading discussion.